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About American Fathers

American Fathers tells the tale of Sasha, a young Asian-American college graduate who dreams of changing the world. Sasha’s life is thrown into turmoil when he learns that the man who raised him is not his actual dad, and he begins receiving mysterious messages from a Russian agent claiming to be his biological father. Sasha creates a straightforward business plan, but twists and turns keep him on his toes as he and his friends are faced with adventure and dilemmas, guided by notes from his father and now mentor. Join Sasha on his startup journey as he explores the role society plays in creating a business, looks for spiritual inspiration, and pays his dues as he grows his idea into a meaningful company. American Fathers is an engaging tale that sparks thought and discussion on issues entrepreneurs face but that aren’t often discussed, such as:
  • The role of entrepreneurs in society.
  • Succeeding despite increased government regulation.
  • Navigating the new adult-to-adult relationship with parents.
  • The sacrifices made to start something new.
  • Building networks and growing your circle of thought.

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